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In the coming information about general terms (or also referred to as “agreement” or “partnership”) and conditions between Lindh e Enguerrand LDA (or “L.Lindh”, “our”, “we”, “us”, “our agency”, “the agency”) and potential employers (also possibly referred as “clients”, “partner companies”, “you”, “them”) and potential candidates (or “profiles”, “applicants”, “ “you(r)” or “leads”) and visitors (or “users”, “you”) on this website (or also “platform”) of L.Lindh. The “users” of this website are considered all listed previously: potential employers, potential candidates, and visitors. Whenever users access the website, these terms and conditions apply and by accessing the website, you accept the terms. In case you do not agree with the provisions of this preamble, you are not allowed to access our website or continue the visit.


We are an executive search and mid-management recruiting agency supporting clients worldwide. Our goal is to connect potential candidates to potential employers in the internet sector.

Client information

The main website page is dedicated to possible clients who are interested in knowing more about our services and fees. We use a digital type form to collect basic information. Clients can answer some basic questions and their information and data will be collected for contact purposes. We treat all information we receive from clients via the type form or via e-mail directly as confidential and do not use the information provided for any purpose other than to fulfill our obligations to them. We keep clients’ information secure and prevent the misuse and unauthorized disclosure of it by our collaborators or any third parties. However, we are not counted as responsible in case of candidates disclose confidential information to other third parties without informing us properly. If you have received an email from any collaborator of L.Lindh, that means we have publicly available data about you in our database.

Candidate information

If available, in our Career Page section, however, candidates can apply to different open positions and the entered data will be collected into our third-party system. We respect your privacy and your data is only collected for recruitment purposes, and more specifically, to match you to potential job opportunities with our clients, who we believe might benefit from the service offered. About your data:

  • Your personal data will only be kept or used by us for recruitment services we deliver to our clients;
  • Information collected: mainly the information collected are the location of work, public or informed e-mail address, employment history, and educational background, functional expertise, keywords related to specific work experience;
  • How we collect information: information publicly available on LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, Google, Company websites, or any other social media, that is legally permitted, as well as any information submitted or provided to us by the candidate directly (interview notes, CVs, resumes, etc);
  • The data collected is fairly for recruitment processes and protected against unauthorized or illegal access by internal or external parties;
  • You can obtain access to or correct your personal information at any time, as well as request us to delete your information if you want. Please, write to us at or contact directly your person of contact internally in L.Lindh with the request;
  • Our data will not be communicated informally or stored longer than necessary than to fulfill the purposes for which it has been collected;
  • We storage primarily the candidates’ data on RecruitCRM, an ATS system, which is maintained only by us, external collaborators and clients who eventually have access only to their own recruiting process when required. Public information is transferred to our clients using our ATS platform or via e-mail. We implement strict permissions and users can only view the data that is relevant to them.

We have taken measures to ensure its full compliance with the GPDR regulation.


Your Personal Information is treated confidentially and we highly value system security and data safeguards. Our systems use identity verification, data encryption, firewalls, malware protection, intrusion detection, safe data storing, and reliable web hosting.

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